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not today satan | higher consciousness herbal bath salt

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not today satan | higher consciousness herbal bath salt; 8oz jar includes 3 organic cotton tea bags w/ 1/4 cup full of herbal salts

Epsom salt, pink himalayan salt, lavender flowers, calendula flowers, rose petals, essential oils: eucalyptus, lavender, & lemongrass

Soothe & ease the mind. Raise vibration. Forget the bs. Infuse body with magnesium rich epsom salt. Gently exfoliate skin with Himalayan salt. Calendula soothes and repairs skin. Rose buds open your heart chakra. Lavender nourishes skin and melts anxiety.


Omg this smells just divineee. You don't need the bs. Treat yourself to a beautiful bath without the mess. 

Add one teabag to running bath water. Let steep in the bath for a few minutes to help the salts start to dissolve and the herbs to infuse the water. If feeling additional muscle tension, need stronger body detoxing or the Karen's of the world came on strong the day you decide to practice self-care, add up to 3 teabags per bath.

store in a cool dry place.

Store in a cool dry place.

Use within 3-4 months of purchase.


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