CBD & Delta 8

The perfect plant medicine mixed with the right amount of self care.

This is the stuff that got me off Prozac and changed my life forever.  

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There was a time I wasn’t always so in tune with my natural witchy self. As a participant in this 3D operating society, I was told all cannabis, let alone hemp, was bad and pharmaceuticals were good. I was on several meds, battled mental health issues and various addictions.

I absolutely never saw a life without debilitating anxiety.

Back in 2017, a friend of mine introduced me to the Illuminent CBD brand that she helped co-found. She shipped me a couple products and my first thought was to hide them in my closet and never tell a soul I had WEED in my house. LOL #truestory

{P.S. it’s not weed, it’s federally legal hemp products, haha!}

I’ll never forget trying the CBD tincture drops for the first time. Completely beside myself, I could not believe the zen feeling I had. I had real PEACE just minutes after my first serving! I called my friend up and said.. sign me up girl, I’ve never felt hope like this before.

3 days later I was able to get completely off of Prozac for the first time in over a decade. The one medication that typically gave me worse withdrawal symptoms than any other drug on the planet.

Since then, I have been able to be a part of helping thousands of people become educated in how CBD, cannabinoids, and cannabis in general can help them ease their physical pain and improve their mental health.

Over the years I’ve tried at least 40-50 different hemp brands. Some of great quality, some I probably should have never allowed to enter my body.

But no brand truly ever matched the quality, taste, or results I’ve had the way Illuminent has. 

It’s by far one of the best self care tools I could ever share with you. Illuminent products carry a high vibrational energy that make you want to stop and take a deep breath in and get centered. The quality plant inside the bottle provides the physical grounding needed to continue your day in this energy. 


Now it’s your turn.

Who doesn’t want more zen in their lives?!

Which one (s) do you or your loved ones need?

•Mood enhancement

•Stress reduction

•Relief from body aches & pains

•Better focus and cognition

•Improved sleep quality

•General health improvement 

•Fitness muscle recovery


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Hemp is so much more than CBD too… that’s just one cannabinoid abundant in this magnificent plant out of over a hundred discovered to date.

The coolest part about how this stuff works, in my nerdy brain at least, is that the human body has an entire innate system built right into it that is ready to accept and work with cannabis compounds. It’s true!

Total scientific fact… it’s called the Endocannabinoid System. 

Yes, that means it’s not taboo to use hemp for your health, but rather that you were designed to.


Check out some of my FAV Illuminent hemp products & their benefits! I personally use all of these! Click the pics by each description for an automatic 20% off your order as a thank you for being my client. 
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Thrive Capsules

Main Cannabinoids: 35mg CBD per capsule; Full Spectrum
Why I love it: These caps are a staple! Some prefer sublingual hemp tinctures as daily maintenance, but these - I can feel the difference. I take them every single day, once in the morning and once at night before bed. They are very anti-inflammatory due to the additions of myrcene and turmeric and I prefer these to NSAIDs for head pain or menstrual cramping. If my anxiety kicks up a notch and I’m having a panic attack, which thankfully is rare these days, I will also reach for these in those moments. *non-psychoactive  

Enhance Cognitive Tincture

Main Cannabinoids: approx 33mg CBD, 33mg CBG, 17mg CBT, 17mg CBDv per serving
Why I love it: Enhance first of all tastes good! It’s naturally flavored fruit punch! It provides me with a gentle focus with a feel good background and helps me get my work done during the day! I also love giving this one to my kiddo before school on many days to help her have an 'in flow' type of experience and keeps her on task with what she needs to do while remaining her happy go lucky self. In my opinion.. ADHD or not, kids these days are put under so much pressure at school even from such a young age! *non-psychoactive  

 Go Bananas THCv Tincture

Main Cannabinoids: approx 33mg CBD, 17mg CBG, 4mg THCv per serving
Why I love it: Go Bananas tastes like - you guessed it - bananas haha! And it brings me even more mental clarity and energy along with a calm focus than just the Enhance above. Really, I like to pair the two together. I get a bit more energized using this blend. THCv is known to be an anti-munchie kind of cannabinoid and can potentially suppress your appetite!
*non-psychoactive when taken as suggested. High amounts may produce a slightly psychoactive response. Use self-titration to find what works for you.  

Renew & Rest CBN Tinctures

Main Cannabinoids: approx 50mg full spectrum CBD, 17mg CBN, 4mg CBT per serving
Why I love it: These two have my heart. I love taking Renew when I’m having trouble falling asleep. That’s what CBN is known for.. consider it the sleepy dust cannabinoid haha. But the real gold for me is my daughter using it! She is currently 6yrs old and grinds her teeth BAD at night! It used to be so horrible.. her grinding would wake me up, sounded like her mouth was going to crush itself into a million pieces. We started with Rest because it's yummy and chocolate (Sage's fav!) and now interchangeably use Rest and Renew (which is an Apple Danish flavor). I give her one of them before she falls asleep and she’s so cute the way she counts with her fingers as she lets it sit under her tongue to make sure she gets her 60 seconds in lol. Anyway, her grinding is nearly at a halt after just a couple months of using! I noticed benefits from the first use and this is just a product we will never not have in the house. *non-psychoactive   


D8 + THC-O Cartridges

(pic coming soon! Click the link to see the different options for these carts!)

Why I love them: Normalize Friday Mom Giggle Night over Friday Mom Wine night lol! Seriously though, these puppies are one of my fav ways to let a little loose without poisoning myself with alcohol. I’m not knocking alcohol, it’s just that no matter which way you look at it, scientifically its destroying our sleep, hormones, gut…you name it. Cannabis can help take the edge off whilst promoting better sleep, enhancing mental health, relieving body aches and pains and more. THC-O is a pretty potent form of THC and pairs very well with the Delta 8 THC in this. All of the types of carts to choose from are great. When you click on this product and go to the website you’ll see the differences between the 3 main types: sativa, hybrid, and indica. I prefer indica strains because they tend to be more mellow and body euphoric and prepare me well to go to sleep. I personally can’t get ‘high’ during the day. If you do.. you may enjoy sativa strains more. *psychoactive; produces a ‘high’ effect 

HHC Live Rosin Cartridges

(pic coming soon! Click the link to see the different options for these carts!)

Why I love them: HHC is nice for a day time pick me up without the overwhelming intoxicating effects of traditional cannabis. When you pick a cart with a specific strain, you'll notice the effects of that strain but on a more mild scale. Like I have stated before, I cannot get 'high' during the day and still do my job. However I love the therapeutic benefits of the cannabis derived terpenes in these. If you want a little bit more than CBD, but not quite the level of intoxication as some of the other options I've described - AND - still receive incredible benefits/medicinal qualities of more specific cannabis strains, then HHC is a great choice to try out! *slightly psychoactive 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Are Illuminent products legal? Yep! Federally legal per the 2018 Farm Bill. When you go to check out, you’ll have to verify your age and enter your address. If there’s any conflicting laws that prevent a certain product from being shipped to you, the system will prompt you and the checkout process will be stalled
  2. Will I be able to pass a drug test? Full spectrum CBD, THCv, Delta 8, and HHC products all contain come form of THC and may cause you to fail a drug screening. Isolate CBD products (labeled THC free), produce a much lower risk of failing however there still is no firm guarantee. 
  3. Will CBD get me high? The only Illuminent products that will produce a psychoactive effect (the high) are anything with HHC, Delta 8, or THC on the labels. Full spectrum and Isolate products will not produce any high at all. All products on the website state whether or not they are psychoactive and you’ll also see this on your physical product labels. 
  4. How do I use the products? Click the links above or go to illuminent.com (code SAGEPURE at checkout for 20% off!) and read the descriptions for the products you’re interested in. Each product has detailed information about what is in the products and how to use them. You’ll also receive the products with labels sharing full instructional use as well!
  5. How do I order? What if I need help? You can click the links above for my fav products and receive an automatic 20% off at checkout or if you would like to browse the entire selection of products you can go to illuminent.com directly. Don’t forget to use code SAGEPURE at checkout for your 20% off discount! If you need help trying to decide what you want to purchase, message me on IG @sagepureapothecary or on FB at fb.com/kellyevansmith. I’m happy to help! Once you know what you’d like to order, you’ll just verify your age and checkout!
  6. If I like this brand, can I affiliate too? You sure can! It's free to apply and once your account is approved by Illuminent, you'll receive emails with your very own discount links to give to your customers! Just click here and it will take you to the affiliate app. You'll even be able to continue receiving a discount on the products you purchase for yourself! Feel free to DM me if you have any questions.