Sage Pure Apothecary

Empowering you with the ancient wisdom of what plants were designed to do - heal.

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Because Mother Nature knows you're worth it.

Created by Kelly Evan Smith, a certified master herbalist and natural product formulator, you are experiencing only the best natural and organically made herbal extracts, teas, salves, skincare, candles and more. Hand crafted in small batches in upstate, ny.

  • Hey there, I'm Kelly! DM me on Insta! @sagepureapothecary

    The honor is mine to know you have come here looking for healing. I've been a certified master herbalist since 2019, certified yoga instructor since 2015 and natural product formulator for over 7 years. There is always something to learn about plants, how the body works and how we can use the incredible gift of nature to expand our consciousness and create true balanced health. I cannot wait to meet you and watch your journey unfold!

Why Sage Pure Apothecary

Sage Pure Apothecary was named after my wild and free spirited miracle child, Sage. She is the purest being in my life and is the exact mirror I need to continuously strive to be better. Our products are handcrafted with love and intention. We only use the best ingredients, whether we wild harvest them ourselves or support local and small businesses that align with our mission. Never any synthetics, parabens, phthalates, or any other gross ingredients will be found here. Because you, your health, and your family are worth it.

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